Saturday, October 31, 2009

15 miler post race

posted: 10/31/2009 at 11:57 AM I finished. 2:36:18 AHR 150 MHR 169

Mile 3 right calf starts twitching. Not a good sign. Mile 6.5 left calf starts to hurt. Mile 9 the bottom falls out of the sky for the next 5minutes. Raining and wind so hard I had to close my eyes to stop the burning of sweat that was getting in my eyes. Mile 11.92 the knee decided it what to get in on the act. Sharp pain on the inside of the left knee. 5 miles in 45:08. 10 miles 54+. Last 3 miles 38:18. I want to walk at this point. The cut of was2:45. If I walked I would have missed the cut off. Two things keep me going the cut off and all the RAers who have post there survival stories. Survival shuffled the last 3 miles. Time to shower and ice the knee. Thanks to all who have post their hardships.

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