Sunday, September 29, 2013

Leave the mouse at mouse

The mouse( in pocket) and I
Me: I think I can walk 6-8
Mouse: we are late. Let's run to meet the group.
Me: ok
We meet the group but my walking partner is late.
Mouse: run to the mall and meet him.
Mouse: run the parking lot. It is asphalt and not concert.
Mouse: you know if we do 2 miles back to the house will be 4.
Me: ok
Me: 2.35 miles. Man this has taking along time.
Mouse: wife is out of town. You have nothing but time.
Me: ok
Me: 4 miles at the driveway to complex.
Mouse: do the college route and you will can hit 8 miles or even equally the 9.3 miles run this week.
Me: ok, let's not get carried away.
Mouse : we made it to the college. It easier to go to the bridge than having to do circles and come up short.
Me: ok
Me: we made it to the bridge and mile 6. Pain free. Now back to the house for 8.
Mouse: mile 7. Let's run behind the college for 9 miles and maybe match the 9.3.
Me: ok
Me: we missed the the turn to go into the back of the parking lot.
Mouse: no problem. Run to the other bridge. It is a mile from the house.
Me: ok, good looking out.
Mouse: you know if we keep going to the elementary school we will not have to go pass the house for 10.
Me: Ok, but when did we decide on 10
Me: 8.83 miles the knee feels a twitch.
Mouse: no problem. Keep going. 9.3 is just up the hill.
Me : ok
Me: 9.1 miles. I am limping.
Mouse: keep going. You are almost there.
Me : ok. I can make it.
Me: 9.3 miles. YAY!
Mouse : you can not stop on 9.3. You need to do 9.5
Me: ok.
Me: 9.5 mile mark. Pain and limping. Time for a half mile cool down.

Me :10.25 miles. Next time the mouse stays home!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sweetwater 50K 2013

Training has been pretty much none nil. Goal was to do half of the course and call it it  a day. a club member.James Betts,was planning on it being his 100th marathon/ultra.Change in plans. He did the  the 100th 2 weeks earlier.I would have DNS  otherwise.

I get to the race  an James says his goal is 6:30. He did  Knoxville two weeks earlier in 5:20 on a road course. We all laughed and assured him his finish would be closer to 9:00.He is 68. Eleven years older than I am. I was in really good condition 2 years ago and finished in 7:48.Sweetwater is a trail rated 4/4(scale of 5) on ultra online.Very technical.

I start slow.I had not run all week. 45F . Long(Boston) sleeve, tank top.gloves,shorts and wind pants.

1.5 miles 1st river crossing of ankle deep water. Using a rope to get down and up 10 foot embankment of covert.

3 miles  I slip and fall backwards on muddy rocks. Running about 15 minutes ahead of 4.5 hour cutoff at mile 17.

8 mile 75 yard decent on slippy rocks,creek crossing and 100 yard up on an even steeper hill.You get to rest for about a quarter mile.

10 miles Now the fun starts.The climb to TOTW( top of the world) . Power lines 5 rolling hills 50- 100 meters.The trail becomes a service road for the next 1.5 miles out and back. I needed the break.

16 miles The creek crossing in waist deep water.There is a rope across the creek to get you across. In the middle of the creek the water gets to running pretty fast.I am taking 12" steps sideways at a very slow pace.I make it to the other side. There is a mile out and back with mostly uphills. The knee is sore. I have to walk the downhills  no matter how slight .Back to the creek for the crossing. 2/3rds of the way across I get dizzy. Water rescue guys are in the water.I am thinking are they about to have to put in some work.I managed to get go the bank with assistance.

17 or 19(garmin) mile at this point.Head back on to the trail. Dizziness returns. Need to walk.OK, one loop was the plan. May need to DNF because I may not make the 2nd cutoff.Start running a little to get out of the forest section of single trail.I recover after getting away from the creek. Time 12:37

24 mile Time 3:00 Garmin has died.The aid station guy says we are about1or 2 minutes past the cutoff.Near 2:23:00 to go 8 miles( depending on their marking or gramin).I do not think so. Out and back section.Half mile back the sweeper is head to the turn around. I have a 1 mile lead on him heading. The next section consists of some  treacherous downhills. I mange not to lose to much ground with group. Went down the hills side ways to save the knee.
 The last 1 -2 miles I was not able to run up or down inclines. I am starting to get past by other runners.The finish line is up hill on a paved road with a flight a steps. I run this quarter mile section until I get to the steps.Walk up the steps. Clock  is at 8:46:50. I run the incline to hit 8:47:00.Small goals are still good goals.
 2010 videos

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Boston 2012

Boston 5:01:19.Knee issue at 6.5 miles. Stopped to apply bio-freeze.Fought hard to hold back the tears. Not from the pain but from having a DNF. Teared up again at mile 22 when I knew I could walk 4.2 miles in 2+ hours. I do not like getting water sprayed in races. However, at mile 21 a stood in front of a water hose for about 10 seconds.I stopped to apply biofreeze at mile 17. After ,18 miles the knee was not a major factor. It slowed the pace but the heat was the real killer. I battled the heat with ice,wet sponges,water towels and all the water hoses available.Did not have any salt tablets. Started downing pretzel sticks at mile 22.The low sodium hit me about a hour after the race.I am not fully recovered from the heat. Will DNS Sweetwater 50K this weekend.Will the knee 2 weeks to rest before next scheduled race (5/5/12).

Boston-- PW for a marathon where I was not pacing someone Sad.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

ATC Conyers Trail 5K

ATC 5K trail. 2AG. 23:16 and I had nothing left. 3 mile C/D turned into 1 mile.The speedsters stayed home. Afraid of a little water.Thank you

In the last mile I was 20 meters behind a guy who looked to be in my AG. Last half mile I decided to pass him. I started to pull away from him and wanted to see if I could break his spirit. I did. Thank goodness. I turned the corner and a killer hill pops up. of course I keep looking over my shoulder for him. He started to close the gap. I had to do a gut check and shift gears. He gave up. One more younger guy to catch. I normally let people know I am going to pass them. I am the loud guy finishing. I did not this time. I just zoomed past him. He looked up and decided in was not worth the effort.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dizzy Fifties 50K 2011

Trail was well groomed. Very few roots and rocks. I tripped several trips but did not fall. I keep wait on the fall. Several other runners hit the ground in good fashion.One lady advised me not to her to close to her because she did not want me to trip over her prone body.

The course was 3 loops. Small loop 2.3 miles,North loop 4 miles and the south loop 5.59 miles.Small to be run once and the north and south loops 3 times.You could not win the finisher award if you ran the loops out of order. Not a problem!My goal was to finish standing.

The north loop had a major hill of almost .4 of a mile. It was a walk up for us none super human runners.The south loop was mainly flat with one long inline for about a mile.The second time around I ran the the incline.

The first loop I ran with a group of about 8 runners. We would change place for the first 8 miles. I mentioned how I get lost coming out of the mall. I pulled away from the last to runners I was with at mile 8. The pace was 11:45. Slower than I need it to be on the flat section. Pace increased to 10:45. Running easy.

Get to the start/ finish station. Refill water bottle and get sandwich. Head out . Could not remember which way to go. A little tells me to go left. After nearly a mile I start wondering where the other runners are. The leaves have fallen so it is easy t0 see other runners on the switch backs. I should have been only 100 meters in front of the group.

My hands begin to get numb at mile 7. Thinking it could be from the 8 mph winds. This happened last week . I pick up the pace and start shaking my hands to increase circulation. It works.The numbness goes away.My back starts to tighten up a mile 13. I had taken off the jacket and left it at the aid station. I was wearing arm shelves. Mile 14 the right hand starts getting numb.The arm shelves are felling a little tight. A pull the arm shleve up to the forearm. The numbness disappears. Will not be racing in this pair of arm shelves again.

I exit the loop. Get to the aid station at mile 16.86. There is a problem!It should be mile 21.89. I missed the north loop and the major killer hill. No winners award for me!Can you believe it? I have to ran the north loop back to back. My spirits sink and so did the pace. Onward I drudge. The back tights up. I slow the pace and walk a little more.Eixt the loop. Drop the arm shelves and get my jacket. Start the 2nd trip on the north loop to get back on course. Now, I am seeing other runners.I make the loop in 57 minutes.The previous loop time time was55 minutes. I am still 2 minutes ahead of my 6:12:00 finish time.Clock time 5:04:x x. 5.59 miles to go.
The south and last loop.Wind is stilling gusting. The back is not as tight .The jacket is helping but is a little warm. Considered not bring the hand held on the last loop. Glad I nixed that idea. Wish I would have had a 2nd bottle. Garmin battery died at mile 25.7. No mile milers on trails. Now, I am running blind through the woods and water is low. Trying to gauge pace my effort.This is not easy when you have a Gamin addiction.I pass a few people. I am guessing I have close to 3 miles left. A younger female, I had chanted with earlier, passes me on a long gravel road incline. She gets about 15 meters ahead and I decide to pace off of her. I catch up. Get 3 steps behind her. I could tell it bothered her so I pulled up beside her.She did not have a watch. How sick is that!We have no clue of the distance to the finish line. I just force myself to stay with her. Finally pavement appears just ahead of us. The finish line in 300 meters . I turn on the last of the jets. 6:07:10. PR for50K trail..

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fox Valley marathon

Fox valley marathon Up at 4 am. Breakfast of pasta 8oz, bagel, 32 oz powerade and Imodium(Prevent diarrhea). Afterwards I am thinking did I just eat all pasta before a marathon.

Run the mile to the starting line. Some rain early. Rain forecasted for 8 am. Dedicied to take hat jacket and gloves. Hands always cold. Found the pace group without any problems. Small races are good. Pacer ( Annie) started a little. The plan was to keep her in sight until mile 25 and not to pass her.

Miles 1- 6 pretty uneventful. Everyone was chatting and one guy was singing. Stopped for port potty at mile 6. RA'er said stop early for relief. Thanks. Fell back at each water stop about 50 meters. Closed the gap each time.

Miles 7 -12 First gel at mile 8. Mile 10 after catching the pack I notice there was less conversation. I was in the 3:40 pace. A young lady with a 3:45 pace sign passed the group at mile 4. We reeled her in at mile 12

. Mile 13- 20 Pacer hit the half at 1:51 xx. My ideal split. Now it is a matter of holding on. One one is taking at all at this point. No major hills. Just some 100 meter inclines at 17 -20 miles. I wanted to slow down. Garmin keeps beeping speed up. Pacer is in sight. A vouleeter I past twice says " get back in the pack." I do. Please the RA'ers for the comfortable hard. I keep telling myself this is how I am supposed to feel. Hold pace. Hold heart rate. Keep pace. I did.

Mile 21 - 24 Refueling. Falling back and catching back up to pacer. Notice there are 3 people with her now. Others appear to have stayed with her for 20 miles. My plan plan was to hold on to her shirt tail until mile 25. Mile 24 - 26.2 I was step for step with the pacer after 23.5 miles. At this point there are only two of us with her. The young lady decided it was time for her to pull away. I went with her. You can not believe how glad I was I did mile repeats at 5 k pace. My motto" make the late mile the best mile"

. Last 10 k 50: 23. AG in 6 place miles 6--- 6 at 13.1---4 at 20-- 2 at 26.2. Could not belvie how many people I passed in the last 2 miles. Found the pacer Annie and gave her a hug!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Heat Projected Performance

Projected Performance

40f 50f 60f 70f 80f
3:00:003:05:24 (3%)3:10:48 (6%)3:16:12 (9%)3:21:36 (12%)
3:05:003:10:42 (3%)3:16:25 (6%)3:22:07 (10%)3:27:49 (13%)
3:10:003:16:01 (3%)3:22:02 (7%)3:28:03 (10%)3:34:04 (14%)
3:15:003:21:20 (4%)3:27:40 (7%)3:34:01 (11%)3:40:21 (15%)
3:20:003:26:40 (4%)3:33:20 (8%)3:40:00 (12%)3:46:40 (15%)
3:25:003:32:00 (4%)3:39:00 (8%)3:46:01 (12%)3:53:01 (16%)
3:30:003:37:21 (4%)3:44:42 (9%)3:52:03 (13%)3:59:24 (17%)
3:35:003:42:42 (5%)3:50:25 (9%)3:58:07 (14%)4:05:49 (18%)
3:40:003:48:04 (5%)3:56:08 (9%)4:04:12 (14%)4:12:16 (19%)
3:45:003:53:26 (5%)4:01:52 (10%)4:10:19 (15%)4:18:45 (20%)
3:50:003:58:49 (5%)4:07:38 (10%)4:16:27 (15%)4:25:16 (21%)
3:55:004:04:12 (5%)4:13:24 (11%)4:22:37 (16%)4:31:49 (21%)
4:00:004:09:36 (6%)4:19:12 (11%)4:28:48 (17%)4:38:24 (22%)
4:05:004:15:00 (6%)4:25:00 (12%)4:35:01 (17%)4:45:01 (23%)
4:10:004:20:25 (6%)4:30:50 (12%)4:41:15 (18%)4:51:40 (24%)
4:15:004:25:50 (6%)4:36:40 (12%)4:47:31 (19%)4:58:21 (25%)
4:20:004:31:16 (6%)4:42:32 (13%)4:53:48 (19%)5:05:04 (26%)
4:25:004:36:42 (7%)4:48:24 (13%)5:00:07 (20%)5:11:49 (27%)
4:30:004:42:09 (7%)4:54:18 (14%)5:06:27 (21%)5:18:36 (27%)
4:35:004:47:36 (7%)5:00:12 (14%)5:12:49 (21%)5:25:25 (28%)
4:40:004:53:04 (7%)5:06:08 (15%)5:19:12 (22%)5:32:16 (29%)
4:45:004:58:32 (8%)5:12:04 (15%)5:25:37 (23%)5:39:09 (30%)
4:50:005:04:01 (8%)5:18:02 (15%)5:32:03 (23%)5:46:04 (31%)
4:55:005:09:30 (8%)5:24:00 (16%)5:38:31 (24%)5:53:01 (32%)
5:00:005:15:00 (8%)5:30:00 (16%)5:45:00 (24%)6:00:00 (33%)
5:05:005:20:30 (8%)5:36:00 (17%)5:51:31 (25%)6:07:01 (33%)
5:10:005:26:01 (9%)5:42:02 (17%)5:58:03 (26%)6:14:04 (34%)
5:15:005:31:32 (9%)5:48:04 (18%)6:04:37 (26%)6:21:09 (35%)
5:20:005:37:04 (9%)5:54:08 (18%)6:11:12 (27%)6:28:16 (36%)
5:25:005:42:36 (9%)6:00:12 (18%)6:17:49 (28%)6:35:25 (37%)
5:30:005:48:09 (9%)6:06:18 (19%)6:24:27 (28%)6:42:36 (38%)
5:35:005:53:42 (10%)6:12:24 (19%)6:31:07 (29%)6:49:49 (39%)
5:40:005:59:16 (10%)6:18:32 (20%)6:37:48 (30%)6:57:04 (39%)
5:45:006:04:50 (10%)6:24:40 (20%)6:44:31 (30%)7:04:21 (40%)
5:50:006:10:25 (10%)6:30:50 (21%)6:51:15 (31%)7:11:40 (41%)
5:55:006:16:00 (11%)6:37:00 (21%)6:58:01 (32%)7:19:01 (42%)
6:00:006:21:36 (11%)6:43:12 (21%)7:04:48 (32%)7:26:24 (43%)

Example usage: You expect to run a 4:20 in 40 degree weather, but it’s going to be 70. Looking across the 4:20 line to the 70 degree column you find 4:53, which is a 19% reduction in performance.

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