Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pistol 100

I wake up at 3:20. Breakfast of oatmeal and a banana. I play around with the IPad taking
pictures. I load the van up and discover it is 7:15. The race starts at 8. 100 milers get to park
next to the starting line. All the spaces are full. I park on the backside of the school. 200 yards/
meters away. 7:50 I go back to the van to get some of my supplies to carry to the starting area. I
have 5 sets of cloths ( 10 long sleeve shirts and 5 pair tights.). Rain gear,hats,gloves and 10+ pair
socks. The plan is to have and not need Rather than need and not have.
Loop 1-- 8:00. The plan is 11 miles in 2:36. I run easy. The course is mostly flat on the front 3
miles. The next mile is a rolling incline. Nothing major. Reach Woody’s aid station about 3.5
miles. A 100 yards/ meters out there is a steep hill. It is only 10- 15 meters. This is a 1 mile out
and back to Woody's. There is a heated restroom. I manage a 2:20 loop.
Loop 2--- Everything is going according to plan. Mile 17 a blister starts up. I stop to check. Reach
a temporary aid station. I get tape to add to the duct tape I have on a toe. Did not tape far
enough down the toe. Ok,I am good now. Mile 19 the starts to hurt. I slow the pace. I mange a
perfect timed loop 2:36- 22 miles- 5:14 fro m start. I drop the rain vest and pants.Changed
socks. Too thick.
Loop 3- The sun is out it is getting warm. Reach Woody's feeling good. I have been taking in
fluid( not too much) and food. I pass it without stopping. I have fluids and food in my fanny
pack. Mile 37. 1 mile pass Woody's. I hit the wall. I have fluids but no food. It is in the vest
pockets at the start line. Not good. I walk- stagger- keep moving forward. Several minutes later
a see a guy with a cooler. I have passed by him before. I ask if he has anything sweet in the
cooler. He gives me a ¼ peanut butter sandwich and a cliff bar. I gobble it down as I keep
moving. The fog lifts two miles later. 2:47 Loop- 33 miles. Changed shoes. Too tight. My regular
Asics GT 2000. 10 miles on this pair. The pair a put on have 20 miles.
Loop 4- Running good. No issues. The sun is starting to set. Need to get back to pick up
headlight and pants. 2:48 loop.
Loop 5- The sun has set. It is about 8:00. The goal is 9:00 for 55 miles. Close to 30:00 behind
goal pace. Mile 50- I am running as fast as I can. I guy passes me walking. Check the watch. Pass
is 21:00. Ok, I need to walk and pace of him. We walk together. He(David Taylor) is have leg
cramps. We pace each other to go 17:00 miles. Finish the loop in 2:58. The started at 8:30.
Loop 6- I stopped to get food and make adjustments. David keeps going. I run to caught up. I
catch him after the 1st mile. The rain is steady. There are puddles. There is no going around. I
walk through and realize the water is ankle deep and ice cold. The under passes are flooded. I
step across the large stones instead of going in the ponds. This is an out and back. 3:30 loop. 66
Loop 7- Feet are soaking wet and blistering. I stop to wrap duct tape around my foot to cover
the blisters and bruising. Changed socks.The trail is in a flood plane.. Reach the under pass. It
looks to be knee deep in water. I do not want my knee brace to get soaked. Runners are now going up the embankment, climbing over the guardrail, crossing the street to other side. The
trail has lights. Some runners do not have headlights. The embankment is dark, muddy and
flooded in areas. This is mentally draining. It is close to 3 am. Realize I am not sleepy. I woke up
at 3:20. Walking in ice cold water every few miles is probably the key to staying awake. Sleep
depravation was my greatest fear. 70 mile mark at 2:30. Less than 50K to go. Cut off is 2PM. I
have 9.5 hours. It will be close. Did not caught back up to David in this loop. Reach the start/
finish aid station. Clock has 19:30:x x gone. I have 10.5 hours to do 24 miles. A gift from the
heavens. 2 extra hours. 2:30 am until 2 pm is 11.5 hours not 9.5 hours. Who can add at 70 miles
and 18.5 hours.Loop 3:15
Loop 8- I am walking alone now. Passing others and being passed. The goal is to keep moving
forward. Maintain a steady pace. The rains stop around 5. It starts to get light around 6:15 �.
The trail has drained. Under passes are unusable �. I get 1 mile from the start and a new
section has flooded. There is no going around �. Loop 3:40- 88 miles.
Loop 9- This is it . I just need to hang on. 6 hours to finish. Dry shoes and shoes. I get to the
water crossing and consider stay on the street. Conclude there is no way to get back on the
trail. Onward. It is slow going. Run out of water. The fountain in the park is on. I fill water bottle
1/3. Do not want the weight. Do the out and back at Woody's. Get food but no fluids. I forget to
refill bottle. It is close to 11. The sun is out. I drink the last water 2 miles form the aid station.
No problem. I am walking 22+ minute pace. Get to the aid station Cecilia Santos takes my
picture as I cross the timing mat. 2 miles to go. Most aid workers are gone. Ellen Comereaux
crew is gone. No one ask if I need something. Which has been the case on every loop. I forget to
refill. A mile out I am in trouble. I look for a fountain because this section is in a park. There is
noway I am getting water from the bathroom sink. Ok, slow the pace. Now I am at 24:00 pace.
If I fall the ambulance crew will resume me at mile 98.5. I will not get my buckle. Hell NO!
Barely moving but moving. Just as I exit the park with less than a mile to go. A water fountain.
Yes. It is not on. I trudge on. A guy passes me running. I do not give a sh-t. The finish line is on a
hill. I hit the mat. See the RD ask which direction to the last mile. The course is 11 miles x 9 loops
= 99 miles. He gives me the “what” look. Ask if I crossed the mat 9 times. My reply “yes”. He
tells me the course is. 11.12 miles. YES,YES,YES. I finished. Last loop 3:38. Last 2 miles about 46:00.

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