Sunday, September 29, 2013

Leave the mouse at mouse

The mouse( in pocket) and I
Me: I think I can walk 6-8
Mouse: we are late. Let's run to meet the group.
Me: ok
We meet the group but my walking partner is late.
Mouse: run to the mall and meet him.
Mouse: run the parking lot. It is asphalt and not concert.
Mouse: you know if we do 2 miles back to the house will be 4.
Me: ok
Me: 2.35 miles. Man this has taking along time.
Mouse: wife is out of town. You have nothing but time.
Me: ok
Me: 4 miles at the driveway to complex.
Mouse: do the college route and you will can hit 8 miles or even equally the 9.3 miles run this week.
Me: ok, let's not get carried away.
Mouse : we made it to the college. It easier to go to the bridge than having to do circles and come up short.
Me: ok
Me: we made it to the bridge and mile 6. Pain free. Now back to the house for 8.
Mouse: mile 7. Let's run behind the college for 9 miles and maybe match the 9.3.
Me: ok
Me: we missed the the turn to go into the back of the parking lot.
Mouse: no problem. Run to the other bridge. It is a mile from the house.
Me: ok, good looking out.
Mouse: you know if we keep going to the elementary school we will not have to go pass the house for 10.
Me: Ok, but when did we decide on 10
Me: 8.83 miles the knee feels a twitch.
Mouse: no problem. Keep going. 9.3 is just up the hill.
Me : ok
Me: 9.1 miles. I am limping.
Mouse: keep going. You are almost there.
Me : ok. I can make it.
Me: 9.3 miles. YAY!
Mouse : you can not stop on 9.3. You need to do 9.5
Me: ok.
Me: 9.5 mile mark. Pain and limping. Time for a half mile cool down.

Me :10.25 miles. Next time the mouse stays home!

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  1. Mice coaches are always a problem, Ron. They're very charming and convincing, and are only interested in the victory of getting a human to do their bidding. Remember Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy--the mice are really experimenting on us....

    (good post, Ron)