Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Boston 2012

Boston 5:01:19.Knee issue at 6.5 miles. Stopped to apply bio-freeze.Fought hard to hold back the tears. Not from the pain but from having a DNF. Teared up again at mile 22 when I knew I could walk 4.2 miles in 2+ hours. I do not like getting water sprayed in races. However, at mile 21 a stood in front of a water hose for about 10 seconds.I stopped to apply biofreeze at mile 17. After ,18 miles the knee was not a major factor. It slowed the pace but the heat was the real killer. I battled the heat with ice,wet sponges,water towels and all the water hoses available.Did not have any salt tablets. Started downing pretzel sticks at mile 22.The low sodium hit me about a hour after the race.I am not fully recovered from the heat. Will DNS Sweetwater 50K this weekend.Will the knee 2 weeks to rest before next scheduled race (5/5/12).

Boston-- PW for a marathon where I was not pacing someone Sad.

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